Importing users from an external user registry

You can import users from your external registry into the Jazz™ Team Server database.

Before you begin

If you have configured your server to use LDAP or SCIM, there is a background task that will automatically synchronize users from the LDAP directory into the Jazz Team Server repository. For more information, see Synchronizing LDAP with Jazz Team Server repository user information and Managing users with LDAP.

Jazz Team Server has five permission groups:
  • JazzAdmins: Administrators of a Jazz repository with full read-write access
  • JazzProjectAdmins: Administrators of a Jazz repository with specific permissions to create and modify project areas, team areas, and process templates
  • JazzGuests: Users with read-only access to the Jazz repository
  • JazzUsers: Users with regular read-write access to the Jazz repository
Typically with LDAP or SCIM, you will have LDAP groups that correspond to these Jazz Team Server permissions groups.

A user that you want to import must belong to one of these groups.

You must have administrative access to Jazz Team Server. You must belong to the JazzAdmins permission group.

Depending on which authentication mechanism you use, the steps to add a user to a permission group are different. The administrator of Jazz Team Server installed on IBM® i should have information about which authentication mechanism is being used.


To import a user into the Jazz Team Server repository:

  1. In a web browser, log in to the Jazz Team Server administrative web interface (https://hostname:secure_port/jts/admin). Users are synchronized across a Jazz Team Server and all of the applications registered with that server. Therefore, you can create a new user either through the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server or through the Administration page of an application registered with the Jazz Team Server (https://hostname:secure_port/app_name/web).
  2. In the administrative web interface, click the Users > Active Users.
  3. On the Active Users page, click Import Users.
  4. In the Import Users dialog, type the user's name and click Search. To search by last name, type a single space and then the user's last name. If the user exists and is found, the user name will be shown in the Matching users list.
  5. Select the user name and click Select. The user should now be added to the Selected users list. Click OK.
  6. In the Active Users page, click the name of the new user you imported.
  7. In the Client Access Licenses section, select a license for the user. See Client access license management for the client access license types available.
    Note: By default, the user search object class filter is set to person in Jazz Team Server. If your LDAP uses a different filter, you must change this property in the Advanced Properties section of the server administration to match your LDAP filter:
    1. Log in to the Server Administration of Jazz Team Server as an administrator.
    2. Click Server > Advanced Properties.
    3. Search for and click Edit.
    4. Scroll down and in the User Search Object class filter section, change the objectClass=person to match your LDAP setting.

What to do next

After a user has been imported, you can add them to individual team areas or add them to lifecycle projects.

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