Moving servers and applications to different timezones

Starting in version 6.0.5, you can change the timezone setting for an existing server, or you can migrate applications to a server in a different timezone.

About this task

In releases earlier than version 6.0.5, you cannot move applications to a server that is running in a different timezone. To migrate applications to a server in a different timezone, you must upgrade to version 6.0.5 or later.

For the best results, upgrade the server first. If you migrate the applications first, add the property to each file after you copy it to the new server.

The following procedure shows how to change the timezone from Los Angeles, California to London, England.


  1. Open the Jazz_Install_Dir/server/conf/app/ file for editing, where app is an application with a file.
  2. Change the property to If the property does not exist, add it.
    Tip: For a list of Time Zone Database timezones, see Time Zone Database on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) website or the List of tz databse time zones on Wikipedia.

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