Backing up and restoring the Derby database

By default, the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management products are configured to run with an Apache Derby database. Before upgrading to a new version, you should always perform a file system backup of the database. You should also perform regular backups of your current installed application databases.

Before you begin

Note: You must back up the JazzInstallDir/server/conf/jts/indices directory in the same place as the database, and it must be restored as the same time when restoring the database.


  1. Stop the Jazz™ Team Server.
  2. Navigate to the directory location of the database you are going to back up and copy the database to a secure location.
    • The default location is JazzInstallDir/server/conf/application/derby/repositoryDB, where application is jts, ccm, rm, qm, dcc, gc, relm, ldx, lqe, or am.
      Note: The database directory for ldx and lqe is called derbyDB.
    • For data warehouse, the default location is JazzInstallDir/server/conf/jts/derby/warehouseDB.
      Note: The default data warehouse location on the Liberty server is JazzInstallDir/server/liberty/servers/clm/conf/jts/derby/warehouseDB. Note that the Liberty server must be started at lease once for clm directory to be created.
    Note: If you moved the database to a new location, you must specify the new location in the property in the file, which is installed by default in the JazzInstallDir/server/conf/application directory.
  3. Start the Jazz Team Server.
  4. To restore the current database with the version that you backed up:
    1. Stop the Jazz Team Server.
    2. Replace the directory for the Derby database with the version that you backed up.
    3. Restart the Jazz Team Server.

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