Viewing predefined BIRT reports in dashboards

You can view some change and configuration management and quality management BIRT reports in a Jazz® dashboard by adding report widgets.

Before you begin

Before they can be added to dashboards, reports must be optimized to display in widgets. The change and configuration management and quality management applications include dashboard-ready BIRT reports.

About this task


To add a report to a dashboard:

  1. From the dashboard, click the Add Widget (Add widget) tab.
  2. In the Select Catalog field, select Quality Management (/qm) or Change and Configuration Management (/ccm).
  3. In the Select Category list, click Reports.
  4. Select a preconfigured report widget or select the general report widget:
    • Preconfigured report widget: Select one of the available report widgets and click Add widget. If there are any values that need to be specified, you are prompted to enter them.
    • General report widget:
      1. Select the Report widget, then click Add Widget.
      2. Click the here link to configure the report.
      3. Select the project area to report on.
      4. In the Report dropdown menu, select the report to add.
        Note: To make a report resource available for selection in the widget, its identifier must contain micro. To modify the identifier of the report, go to Reports > Report Resources. In the Report Resource page, add the string micro to the existing identifier in the Identifier field.
      5. In the Query field, click Select and specify the parameter values.
      6. Click OK to save your selections and close the parameter editor.
      7. Click OK to save the report widget settings.
  5. Close the widget chooser and save the dashboard.