Converting prompt pages for development intelligence miniature list reports

After you modify the report page for your miniature list report, you must modify the prompt page.


  1. In the prompt page, remove the prompt page header.
  2. Create the prompt page body using the Prompt Page Body layout component, which is in Mini RATL Report Template.
  3. Override the Enter prompt buttons here1 named child object by a block; add the prompt buttons that are required to the block.
  4. To all the prompt buttons, in addition to default styles, also apply RATL prompt control label text style.
  5. Override the Enter prompts here1 named child object with your prompt controls by completing the following steps:
    1. Create a table.
    2. For each parameter in a table cell, complete the following steps:
      1. Create a parameter section block using Parameter Section Block layout component of the Mini RATL Report template.
      2. If the prompt page already contains a Parameter Section Block layout component for this parameter, then copy it to the table cell. Otherwise, override Parameter Section Block by following steps 5.b.iii through 5.b.iv.
      3. Override the Parameter Name Text and Parameter Value Text named child objects by parameter name and prompt control.
      4. Also apply the RATL prompt control label text style to the parameter name text.
  6. In the old parameter, delete the layout components.

What to do next

The miniature list report can now be deployed.

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