Creating a team area

You can create a team area to assign users in particular roles for work on a timeline or a particular set of deliverables. You can create a team area within an existing project area or another team area to establish a team hierarchy. These steps describe how to create a team area within a project area.

Before you begin

You must have permission to create a team area. This can be any one of the following:
  • A user granted permission to create and modify a team area.
  • A user who is an administrator of the project area.
  • A user who is granted either the JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions.
For Quality Management project areas, you must enable team areas before you can create them:
  1. From the Home menu, click Quality Management > All Projects.
  2. Click the project area to which you want to add team areas.
  3. From Administration menu icon, the Admin menu, click Manage Project Properties.
  4. In the Properties pane, click Team Areas & Timelines.
  5. Select Enable team areas and support for multiple timelines.
  6. Click Save.

About this task

To create a team area:


  1. Navigate to the project area in the administrative web interface. See Logging in for project administrators and team leads (web).
  2. From within the project area, in the Team Area Hierarchy pane, click Create team icon, the Create Team icon.
  3. In the Team Area Name field, enter a team name.
  4. Optional: To change the timeline that the team area is created under, in the Timeline field, select a timeline from the list. For example, it is typical for development project areas to contain separate timelines for main releases and maintenance releases. For team areas whose members will work on artifacts associated with a maintenance release, select the maintenance timeline. For team areas whose members will work on artifacts associated with the main release, select the main timeline. By default, a child team area inherits the timeline of its parent team area. You can change the timeline selection after you create a team area.
    Note: If, after you create a release plan for a team area, you move that team area to a different timeline and create a new release plan, any work items that were assigned to iterations in the original timeline remain in the original release plan. Those work items are not visible in the release plan that is associated with iterations in the new timeline.
  5. Optional: To add a user as a member of the team area:
    1. In the Members or Administrators pane, click Add. Administrators have permission to save all changes to the team area and are typically responsible for managing the process, including membership, of the team area.
    2. In the Contributor Selection window, enter the name of a user to search for, or click Show All.
    3. In the Matching users pane, select a user.
    4. Click Add.
  6. Add an optional summary and description for the team and click Save.

What to do next

After you create the team area, scroll to the Members section and assign process roles to members to ensure that they have the permissions required to work on team area artifacts.

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