Synchronizing time entries

You can control the synchronization of the time entries on the Time Tracking tab with the value in the Time Spent field. When you enter time for a work item on the Time Tracking tab, that value is reflected in the Time Spent field.

About this task

Remember: By default, this feature is available in the Formal Project Management process template. If you are using the Scrum process template, you can enable this feature by customizing the template. For more information about customizing the template, see Adding formal project management features to a process template.
The Time Spent and Time Tracking values are synchronized by default. The following steps describe how to disable the synchronization.


  1. In the project area editor, click the Process Configuration tab.
  2. Expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Planning, and click Time Tracking.
  3. Clear the Synchronize Time Spent with Time Tracking check box.
    An information window displays the procedure to disable the synchronization completely. In that procedure, you enable the Time Spent field in the work item editor. For details, see step 4. Click OK.
  4. Optional: Enable the Time Spent field:
    1. On the Process Configuration tab, expand Work Items and click Editor Presentations.
    2. In the Editor Presentation window, from the Choose the Editor Presentation to edit list box, select
    3. Expand Overview > Details (layout slot: Details).
    4. Select Time Spent and click Edit.
    5. In the Properties field, under Value, enter false. Click OK.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: To re-enable the option to synchronize the values in the Time Spent field and the Time Tracking tab, select the Synchronize Time Spent with Time Tracking check box. Follow the instructions in the information window to disable the Time Spent field.