Modifying roles

You can modify the role definitions for a project area, a team area, or a process template by using the Process Configuration or by editing the Process Configuration Source. You can add, modify, or remove individual roles for a project or team.

About this task

To modify roles:


  1. Open a project area, team area, or process template:
    • Right-click a project area in the Team Artifacts view.
    • Right-click a team area in the Team Organization view.
    • Right-click a template in the Process Templates view.
  2. Click Open. The project area, team area, or process template opens in the editor view.
  3. Do one of the following actions:
    • In a project area or process template, click the Process Configuration tab.
    • In a team area, click the Process Customization tab.
  4. Click the Roles option and select a role in the Defined Roles list or click the Create a new role button This picture shows the Create a new role icon. in the Defined Roles toolbar.
    • Type an identifier for the role. This ID is used in the process configuration code. If you do not specify a name for the role, it is also used in the Process Roles lists when adding members to a team .
    • Optionally, enter a name for the role. This name is displayed when the role is referenced throughout the user interface.
    • To indicate that the role is intended to be assigned to only one team member, set the Cardinality attribute to single.
    • To indicate that the role is intended to be assigned to multiple team members, set the Cardinality attribute to many.
    • To edit the role description that is displayed when assigning roles within teams, modify the Description text.
  5. Click Apply changes and Save.

What to do next

To modify permissions for a role, see Modifying permissions.

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