Adding a translation to a process template

The predefined process templates allow you to provide translated versions of text strings. When you create a project that uses the translated versions, the translated text strings appear throughout the Jazz™ client (for example: messages in the Team Advisor view, and field names in the Work Item editor).

About this task

The translatable strings in the predefined process templates are identified by property keys that have the format: %key.n. For example: %Agile.4. A file named template.messages contains a default set of values for the translatable strings. To add a translation, create a locale-specific version of the template.messages file and edit the string values. Then attach the new file to the process template.
Note: Be sure that the template.messages files are UTF-8 encoded.


  1. In the Process Templates view, double-click a process template to open it in the Process Template editor.
  2. Expand Process Attachments and select template.messages. Click Save As. Specify the locale-specific name for the file. The format is template_la_CO.messages where la is a lower-case language code and CO is an upper-case country code. For example: template_fr_CA.messages is the file for the French (Canada) locale.
  3. Open the locale-specific file in a text editor. The file contains key-value pairs for the strings. Replace the values with translated versions. Do not translate the keys. For example, in the Agile.4=Setup Project pair, do not translate Agile.4. Save your changes and close the file.
  4. In the Process Attachments section of the Process Template editor, click Add. Select the locale-specific file, then click OK to attach it to the template.
  5. Click Save to save your changes to the predefined process template.


When you create a project area, the Create Project Area wizard lets you select the locale for the process template that you use.

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