Assigning roles to a member

You can assign one or more roles to each member of a project area or team area, based on roles that are defined in the project area or team area process.

Before you begin

You can perform this task if you meet one of the following conditions:
  • You are an administrator of the project area or team area.
  • You have either JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions.
  • You have the Modify the collection of team members permission.

About this task

To assign roles to a member in a project area or a team area:


  1. Navigate to the project area in the administrative web interface. See Logging in for project administrators and team leads (web).
  2. Click the Overview tab of the project area.
  3. To assign roles to members of a team area, click the team area in the Team Area Hierarchy section. Granting a role to a team member does not cause that user to have the same role on other team areas that they are a member of. In the Members section of the project area or team area, click Members Menu icon, the Members Menu icon in the entry for a member, and select Add Process Roles.
  4. In the Add Roles window, select the role or roles to assign to the member. Click Add. Click OK. For example:
    Add Roles window with list of available roles. The Scrum Master role is shown as selected.
    You can assign or remove roles from multiple members by selecting their check boxes in the Members section and then selecting the Add Process Roles or Remove Process Roles option from the Members Menu icon. You can control the number of members displayed per page by selecting a number from the Members Per Page list. To filter the list of members displayed by Name, User ID, E-mail address, or assigned process role, enter a text string in the Search text box.
    • To assign or remove roles for all members, choose Select All Displayed from the top check box.
    • To remove all members from the selected list, click Select None.
  5. Click Save on the project area page to save the changes to the project area.