Assigning roles from within lifecycle projects in the Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA) user interface

In the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface, you can view and modify the process roles assigned to users in each project area that belongs to the lifecycle project.

Before you begin

You must have JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions, and the Jazz™ Team Server must be running. See Accessing the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface.

About this task

When you add users to lifecycle projects, each user is assigned the default process role in each project area that belongs to that lifecycle project. The default role allows the user to perform only minimal operations. To enable the user to perform additional operations in each project area, you must assign appropriate process roles.


  1. In the user interface, click the Members page.
  2. In the list next to Select Project, select the lifecycle project that contains the project area or areas that you want to modify. All users who are members of at least one of the project areas included in the lifecycle project are listed.
  3. In the Actions column, hover in the cell for a user to display This image is a screen capture of the Show Member Details icon., the Show Member Details icon; then click the icon. For each project area that belongs to the lifecycle project, the Member Details section indicates whether the user is a member; whether the user has read access to the project area; and which roles are assigned to the user. Each project area contains an access control setting where project administrators can restrict read access to certain users. In the following figure, the user named bill is a member of project areas in the change and configuration management, requirements management, and quality management applications; has read access to all three project areas; and has the default role in each project area.
    This image is a screen capture of the Member Details section of the Lifecycle Project Administration interface. The Member Details section is a table that lists the project areas, applications, membership, access control, and process roles for the user.
  4. In the Actions column of the Member Details section, click Process Roles icon, the Edit the user's process roles icon, in the row for the project area where you want to assign one or more roles to the user. In the Process Roles window, select the role or roles to assign to the user. Click OK. The Show Member details section displays the new role assignments for the user. For example, in the following figure, the user named bill now has the Scrum Master role in the project area for the change and configuration management application.
    This image shows the Member Details table for the user named bill. In the Process Roles column, the user now has the default and Scrum Master roles for the Change and Configuration Management row.

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