Assigning administrative privileges

You can also designate the user as an administrator in a project area or a team area. The administrative control also applies to all sub-team areas that are located within the project area or team area where it is assigned. Administrators have administrative privileges outside of the permissions defined by the process. They can modify the process configuration, team membership, and user information including Work Environment information. If users do not have the permissions they need, they should contact an administrator.

Before you begin

You must belong to either the JazzAdmins or JazzProjectAdmins repository group.

About this task

To add users to a project area or team area Administrators list, you can:
  • Add users from other projects in the repository.
  • Import users from an external registry service such as an LDAP server.
  • Create an administrative user.


To assign administrative privileges to a user in a project area or a team area:

  1. Open the Overview page in the project area editor or the team area editor:
    • For a project area, right-click the project area in the Team Artifacts view and click Open.
    • For a team area, expand a project in the Team Organization view, right-click a team area and click Open.
  2. At the Administrators list, use the controls described in Table 1 to add an administrator. For more information about using the controls, see the related help topic.
  3. Click Save in the project area or the team area editor.

What to do next

Table 1. Adding or creating an administrative user
Source Controls Related Help
Add an administrator from an existing user. Click Add. Adding existing users
Create an administrative user. Click Create > Create a new user > Next. Creating users
Create an administrative user by importing from an external registry service, such as an LDAP server. Click Create > Import existing users > Next. Importing users from an external registry service

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