Process templates

Process templates provide a starting point and guide for a project area process configuration and iteration structure. They can include process documentation that is in HTML format. You apply a process template when you create a project area; the process can then be modified in the project area or its team areas, independent of the template.

You can create templates from scratch or from existing project areas. Templates are specified in XML by using a schema that can be extended by configuration point declarations. You can edit templates by using source and high-level editors.

IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) includes a set of templates for common processes, such as Scrum and Formal Project Management. These templates have been externalized to support translation of text strings into numerous languages. When you create a project area and choose to deploy one of these templates, you can select the language. You can also externalize a process template that you create to support translated versions. Templates for additional processes can be downloaded from