A timeline represents an area of activity within a project that typically has its own schedule, deliverables, teams, and process. For example, a project with both new product release development and current product maintenance might define these two efforts in separate timelines because they have different delivery schedules, teams, and processes. Within a timeline, you can create a hierarchy of iterations where top-level iterations represent releases and child iterations represent milestones within those releases.

You can designate one of your timelines as the project timeline. All of the predefined process templates except for the Unconfigured Process template specify a project timeline. The project timeline defines the project area start and end dates along with the iteration breakdown of those dates. The project timeline differs from your other timelines in the following ways:

  • The project timeline iterations apply to the project area. This means that if the project timeline process is customized for the current iteration, that customized process affects any artifacts associated with the project area.
  • All team areas that do not have an explicit custom timeline set are governed by the process of the project timeline.

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