Verifying the configuration files during upgrade

This topic describes how to verify the configuration files for upgrading the server.

About this task

The new version of Jazz® Team Server and the ELM applications configuration files can be derived from the previous version installations. The jts_upgrade ccm_upgrade, qm_upgrade, rm_upgrade, dcc_upgrade, gc_upgrade, ldx_upgrade, lqe_upgrade, relm_upgrade, and rs_upgrade scripts can be used to upgrade the servers. For more information about the upgrade script files, see the following resources:
Important: It is possible that you have modified other files in previous version applications, for example, You must manually merge these files.

In addition, if you have installed any third party plug-in in previous version applications, you must manually merge or configure those plug-ins in the new version. The upgrade process does not update third party plug-ins.

Note: When a configuration file is updated, a backup of the original configuration file is created in the same directory with a different file name. For example,


  1. Verify that the index files are copied to new_install_dir/server/conf/application context/indices.
  2. Verify that the following application configuration files are copied from older version to the new version:
    • For Jazz Team Server: new_install_dir/server/conf/jts/
    • For Change and Configuration Management application: new_install_dir/server/conf/ccm/
    • For Quality Management application: new_install_dir/server/conf/qm/
    • For Requirements Management application: new_install_dir/server/conf/rm/
    • For IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights application: new_install_dir/server/conf/relm/
    • For Data Collection Component application: new_install_dir/server/conf/dcc/
    • For Global Configuration Management application: new_install_dir/server/conf/gc/
    • For Lifecycle Query Engine application: new_install_dir/server/conf/lqe/
    • For Link Index Provider application: new_install_dir/server/conf/ldx/
    • For Report Builder application: new_install_dir/server/conf/rs/
  3. Verify that each contains the following information:
    • The properties copied from previous installation files.
    • A valid, distinct public URL (The URL new version application must be the same as the one used for previous version)
    • Valid database vendor entries (make sure that the database specified in the /conf/app/ exists)