Configuring the data warehouse

In some circumstances, you might skip configuring the Jazz® Team Server to use a data warehouse database. In those cases, you can configure the data warehouse after you have configured the Jazz Team Server application.

Before you begin

You must be an administrative user for the Jazz Team Server application.

Before you configure the data warehouse for the first time, you must upgrade all applications to version 7.0.1.

Before you run the setup wizard to configure the data warehouse, create and configure a data warehouse database. For detailed information, see Setting up the database.

About this task

Typically, you configure the data warehouse while you configure the Jazz Team Server application. If you configured the data warehouse in your previous installation, you do not need to configure it when you upgrade to the new version. However, if you skipped the data warehouse configuration in a previous installation, you can configure a data warehouse in the new version.

Attention: If you have been using a data warehouse database and you configure Jazz Team Server to use a new or different data warehouse database, you might lose reporting information.
  • If you use Change and Configuration Management (CCM) applications, they can rebuild their reporting data. For a large repository, this process might take several days. While the reporting data rebuilds, your reports will be inaccurate.
  • If you use the Quality Management (QM) application and you have reporting data in the current data warehouse database, when you switch to a new or different data warehouse database, you will lose information. Multiple data warehouses cannot be merged, and the QM application cannot rebuild lost reporting data.


  1. Point your web browser to this address:

    A is the host name and the DNS domain reference of the machine on which Jazz Team Server is installed.

  2. Log in with the user ID and password of an administrative user (a member of the JAZZADMINS repository permissions group).
  3. Click Next and Test Connection as needed until you get to the Configure Data Warehouse page.
  4. If you previously did not configure the data warehouse, clear the I do not wish to configure the data warehouse at this time check box.
  5. On the Configure Data Warehouse page, provide information to set up a connection to the data warehouse.
    1. In the Configure Data Warehouse Database Vendor and Connection Type section, select your database vendor and connection type for that database vendor.
    2. If you are not using the Derby database, in the Configure Data Warehouse Database Connection Properties section, type the connection properties to connect to your database.
      The required values vary depending on your database vendor and connection type.
    3. Click Test Connection to verify that the server can successfully communicate with the database by using the connection information you provided.
    4. If you did not previously use repotools to create the database tables, you might see a warning that the database exists but that it does not contain tables. To create the tables, click Create tables. You might have to wait several minutes for the command to finish.
      If you are using Apache Derby, this warning is not displayed.
    5. Click Next.
  6. Continue through the setup wizard. For any applications that are registered with Jazz Team Server, on the Configure Data Warehouse pages you must verify the information to connect to the data warehouse and verify the functional user that runs the data collection jobs.

What to do next

To verify that your data warehouse configuration succeeded, follow these steps to run all data collection jobs:
  1. Log in to the administration URL at
  2. On the Reports page, click the Data Collection Jobs link.
  3. Click the Run all data warehouse collection jobs for all applications link.

    Data collection jobs for all the registered applications is triggered. To monitor the status of each data collection job, access the appropriate application URL. The Jazz Team Server administration page displays only the Jazz Team Server data collection jobs.