Setting up the JZOS batch launcher

Many of the sample JCL members used to configure and run the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications on z/OS® require the IBM JZOS Java™ batch launcher.

About this task

The IBM JZOS Batch Toolkit for z/OS SDKs includes a batch launcher and toolkit for Java applications that run on z/OS. The JZOS batch launcher is an MVS™ batch program that configures and launches the Java virtual machine (JVM). Configure the JZOS batch launcher to support running sample JCL for the Engineering Lifecycle Management.


Configuring the JZOS batch launcher requires the following basic tasks. For details, see JZOS Java Launcher and Toolkit function - Installation and User's Guide (

  1. Add the batch launcher load module into a z/OS PDSE (partitioned data set extended).
  2. Customize the sample start PROC and add it to the appropriate PROCLIB.

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