Setting up groups and users

Set up and configure groups and users to be used for the local file-based authentication.

About this task

To be able to run Jazz™ Team Server, you need to define groups and users in the WebSphere® Application Server repository and map them to Jazz groups. Before Installing any ELM applications, you must create the user groups.


  1. In the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console, click Users and Groups > Manage Groups.
  2. Click Create and create the following group names:
    • JazzAdmins
    • JazzprojectAdmins
    • JazzUsers
    • JazzGuests
  3. In the Users and Groups section, click Manage Users.
  4. Click Create and enter a name in the User ID field to create a user in the JazzAdmins group.
  5. Click Group Membership and then click Search.
  6. Select JazzAdmins from the Available window and then click Add, to add JazzAdmins to the Mapped To window.
  7. Click Close and in the Create a User page fill in the remaining required fields. Click Create.
  8. Click Create Like and create other users and assign them to the appropriate Jazz group membership.

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