Starting and stopping the search engine on IBM i systems

Start the context-aware search engine on IBM® i by running the command from the Qshell interface. To stop the search engine, end the job.


  1. To start the search engine on IBM i, run the following command with standard authentication from the Qshell interface.
    Note: To view all search engine usage options, type in Qshell. -repository repositoryURL -engineId engine -userId username -pass password -jobname myJobName
    • repositoryURL is your repository URL.
    • engine is the name that you gave the search engine you created.
    • username is the name of a user with read access to the project areas to be indexed.
    • password is the user password.
    • myJobName is the name of the job.
    Note: While the example command contains the username and password variables for authentication, you can also specify the -certificate certifcate path or -smartCard authentication options if the server accepts them.

    If the job name you specify is already in use, or if you omit the -jobName option, the system generates a job name. The default job name is QRTCSE. Starting a job happens by default. Jobs are submitted to the QUSRWRK subsystem to be processed.

    You can use -baseOutputDir dir as an extra parameter, where dir serves as a base directory for writing and reading files. If your current working directory is read only, add the -baseOutputDir parameter. By default, a catt directory is created under the current working directory and serves as the base directory.
    Note: Another search engine with the same output directory as -baseOutputDir for a running search engine exits with the following message: This application will exit - output directory is in use by a running search engine instance.
  2. Stop the search engine by ending the job.
    For example, use:
  3. Optional: You can run the search engine interactively rather than as a separate job. To start the build engine interactively, use the –interactive option of the command.
    When you run the search engine interactively, leave the Qshell window open while you need the search engine. To stop the search engine, press F3 to exit Qshell. -repository repositoryURL -engineId engine -userId username -pass password -interactive
    Remember: When you run the search engine on IBM i, user IDs, passwords, and search engine names are all case-sensitive. Before you run, consider specifying ls -l to ensure that has x (executable) permission. If the permission is -rw-rw-rw-, use chmod a+x to make it executable.