Modifying an existing configuration

You can modify an existing configuration to change a parameter setting or to add a new optional component to the configuration.

About this task

On the configuration utility Configuration selection panel, enter option S next to the configuration you want to change and press Enter to display the main Customization panel.
ELM configuration utility Customization panel

Select the component that you want to modify. When you complete your modifications, enter option G to generate the workflow. On the next panel, select whether to generate the configuration workflow for the configuration you created, or to replace an existing configuration workflow for a configuration you have edited, and press Enter.

ELM configuration utility generation selection panel
If you are adding a new component to an existing configuration or changing some variables, select option 2 to replace an existing configuration.

On the next panel, select one of the following options:
  • Initialize a new workflow
  • Save the status and log information from the current configuration

If you have already run some of the generated workflow execs, scripts or jobs, and you want to keep the logs and the current status of those workflow items, select option 2. For example, suppose that you had already run the workflow items related to the General Settings and the ISPF Gateway, but later added the Rational Team Concert™ Build Agent. You do not want to create a completely new configuration or lose any of the work you have already created. Option 2 saves the status and log information for the General Settings and the ISPF Gateway, and the Rational Build Agent workflow items are initialized as new workflow items.

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