Installing the configuration utility

The IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) configuration utility is based on ISPF to aid in the configuration of the components of ELM on the z/OS platform.

About this task

Before configuring your Jazz® Team Server and the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) products on z/OS, you must ensure that the SMP/E installation has ended successfully. Because of the many optional configuration components in ELM, knowing how to install everything can be confusing. The configuration utility enables you to select the components you want to install and creates a work flow based list of items to run that perform the configuration. The work flow is presented in a logical order of items to run. You can add additional configuration items or even create completely new configurations.
The installation of the ELM configuration utility is performed by the SMP/E installation of FMID HRCC701, which is the Common Components FMID. For more information, see SMP/E installation process. The SMP/E installation process creates the ELM configuration utility libraries. When you run the REXX procedure for starting the configuration utility, the libraries are dynamically added to your TSO/ISPF session. The libraries are assigned only when needed using LIBDEF and ALTLIB services. This method ensures that existing TSO/ISPF logon procedures do not need to be changed. The components of the ISPF client dialog are delivered in the following libraries:
Load modules
ISPF messages
ISPF panels
ISPF skeletons
Work flow XML
where xxx identifies the national language. For example, SBLZPENU is the ISPF panel library for U.S. English.

After you complete the installation of the configuration utility, refer to Starting the configuration utility to start the utility and Running the configuration utility for information about how to use the utility.