Running the configuration utility

When you start the configuration utility for the first time, or when you request a new configuration, you see the configuration utility Options Menu.

About this task

Enter the locations of the following information:
  • The high-level qualifier (HLQ) of the installed product data sets. On initial start of the configuration utility, the HLQ defaults to the HLQ used to start the configuration utility.
  • The location of the BLZPASTK module, which might have been moved to a secure library that is already APF authorized.
  • The product installation directory in the hierarchical file system. By default, the installation directory is /usr/lpp/jazz/v7.0.0.
  • The location of the Java code. The configuration utility uses the Java version found in your path, if one exists.
  • The directory to be used for IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) configuration utility backup files. By default, the directory is /etc/ELMconf700.
  • The directory to be used for ELM configuration files. By default, the directory is /etc/jazz700.
  • The directory to be used for work files, log files and temporary files. By default, the directory is /u/jazz700.
  • The location of the iconv executable file. By default, iconv is located in /bin/iconv.
ELM configuration utility Options Menu

Change any option that is not correct and press the Enter key. You cannot continue to the next configuration utility panel until you enter a valid location for the product HLQ, product location, and Java location. If a location is specified that is not valid, an error screen is displayed.

ELM configuration utility options error panel

When all information entered in the Options Menu is valid, the Java version is displayed.

ELM configuration utility Java version panel

Press PF3 to proceed to the main Customization panel.

ELM configuration utility Customization panel
Select the components of the product you want to install. For example, if you are not running the Jazz™ Team Server on z/OS®, you do not need to install any optional selections for the z/OS server or the IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) application.

If you plan to use the Rational Team Concert™ Build Agent to build z/OS applications but do not intend to use the ISPF client, you only need to review and configure the following options:
  • General settings (*)
  • ISPF Gateway (*)
  • Rational Build Agent
An asterisk following an option indicates that the option is to be configured. The General Settings and ISPF Gateway options are required.

For any of the optional selections, select the option and specify in the customization screen that follows that you want to customize the optional component. For example, to install the Rational Build Agent, enter option 3 and press the Enter key to proceed to the Rational Build Agent Customization panel. Enter a Y to indicate that you want to include this component in the customization. In addition, review all of the default settings and change them, if necessary.

ELM configuration utility Build Agent Customization menu

Select each component you want to include in the configuration, one at a time from the ELM configuration utility Customization panel and verify the settings in each panel. Press PF1 to open a help panel that provides more information about each setting on the individual Customization panels. In addition, more information can be found in the Interactive installation guide . After you generate a configuration work flow, you can modify the work flow by selecting and changing the configuration.

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