Installing an agent on Windows

This topic describes how to install the Rational® Build Forge® Agent on Windows.


  1. Locate and start the agent installation program that came with your installation package. The file name for the installation program is win-bfagent-<version>.exe, where <version> is your Rational Build Forge Agent version number.
    Note: If the installer detects that you already have a version of the agent installed on your system, it will prompt you to confirm to overwrite the first version. Click OK.
  2. After the Welcome message is displayed, click Next.
  3. If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, click I Agree.
  4. In the Choose Install Location window, indicate a destination folder, then click Next.
    Tip: Use the default location C:\Program Files\IBM\Build Forge\Agent so that you can easily find the file.
  5. In the Configuration window, choose the Agent Options you want, then click Install.
  6. Select one of the following installation methods:
    • Install as a service.
    • Install User Mode Agent. Select a user mode agent only if you need the agent to run an interface application.
  7. Optional: If you use the Cygwin Linux emulation environment, you can choose to install Cygwin support when you install the agent. If you install Cygwin support, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Enable Cygwin Support.
    2. During Cygwin installation, choose DOS/text line endings.
    3. In Projects, use UNIX-style syntax for commands.
      Restriction: Cygwin works only with US ASCII. It does not support UTF-8, so it cannot be used with any other systems.
  8. Specify the port that the agent should use to communicate with your system. The default port is 5555.
  9. On the Completing Setup panel, click Finish.
    Attention: Do not close any pop-up windows that open during agent installation. Allow them to open and close on their own while the installation runs.

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