Changing the Rational Build Agent port on IBM i systems

If you install the Rational® Build Agent on a server where port 6666 is already occupied, you can change the agent port after it is installed.


  1. Modify the port number in /QIBM/ProdData/EWM70/Build/jazz/buildsystem/buildagent/bfagent.conf. The default port is 6666, change the value to match your network configuration. See bfagent executable file for the Rational Build Agent on IBM i systems.
  2. To stop the running bfagent process, use the WRKACTJOB command. Then, find the job with function PGM-bfagent started by the user that started the agent you want to stop.
    Note: If there are multiple jobs with function PGM-bfagent, the netstat *cnn command identifies the jobs that started each local port.
  3. Restart the bfagent process from the /QIBM/ProdData/EWM70/Build/jazz/buildsystem/buildagent directory by using the ./ command.

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