Installing the Build System Toolkit on IBM i systems

The Build System Toolkit can be installed on IBM® i using the licensed program installation process.

After restoring the licensed program, the Build System Toolkit and Rational® Build Agent are installed in the following directory: /QIBM/ProdData/EWM701/Build/.

Install the Build System Toolkit and Rational Build Agent on IBM i by completing these steps:

  1. Verify that the system value QALWOBJRST (allow object restore) is set to *ALL.
    1. To check the system value for QALWOBJRST, enter this command on a 5250 command line:
      and select option 5 to display the value. If the value is already set to *ALL, skip to the next step.
    2. If the value is not *ALL, take note of the current value so that it can be used to restore the system value later.
    3. To change QALWOBJRST system value to *ALL enter this command:
      to open the Work with System Values screen and select option 2, change the value to *ALL, press Enter and then F3.
  2. Create a library for installation using a 5250 command line and entering the following command:
  3. Create these save files. When you are installing the Build System Toolkit, use these commands:
    CRTSAVF FILE(EWM_TMP/KJTS701) TEXT('EWM INSTALL PRODUCT Build System Toolkit and Rational Build Agent')
    Note: The Jazz® Team Server does not need to be installed, but the base option does.
  4. Upload the save files to the EWM_TMP library. Depending on which installation medium you are using, there are two methods for uploading the save files:

    Method 1: Installing from Passport Advantage® files or from a DVD using your PC DVD drive

    Complete these steps to install from your workstation to your IBM i system:

    1. Download the Build System Toolkit and Rational Build Agent save file from Passport Advantage. Download the save file to the temporary directory c:\EWMTMP on your PC workstation. If you have a product DVD, you could insert the DVD into the DVD drive instead.
    2. Start an FTP session by entering the following command in the MS-DOS Command Prompt:
      FTP <yourServerHostName>
      where <yourServerHostName> is the name of the target IBM i system.
    3. When prompted, enter your IBM i system user ID and password.
    4. Enter BIN to change the FTP type to BINARY.
    5. Set the file naming convention to Path by entering the following:
      quote site namefmt 1
    6. Transfer the save file from the Passport Advantage files you downloaded or from the DVD to the IBM i system. Run these commands:
      put <YourDirectory>\BJTS701.savf /qsys.lib/EWM_TMP.lib/BJTS701.file 
      put <YourDirectory>\KJTS701.savf /qsys.lib/EWM_TMP.lib/KJTS7010.file
      where <YourDirectory> is your PC DVD drive or the temporary directory c:\EWMTMP where you downloaded the save file.
    7. End your FTP session with this command:
    8. Delete c:\EWMTMP if you downloaded the save file there.

    Method 2: Installing from a DVD using your IBM i DVD drive

    Complete these steps to install from an IBM i DVD:

    1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and enter the following command on a 5250 command line:
      WRKLNK OBJ('/qopt')
    2. Where the Work with Object Links screen displays the qopt object link, select 5 (Next Level) to select the next object link, which is the volume ID (volid) of the DVD-ROM. Record the value here for use later during the installation:
      VOL ID _____________________________________________
    3. Run these commands:
      CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/QOPT/<volid>/BJTS701.savf') TOMBR('/qsys.lib/EWM_TMP.lib/BJTS701.file') MBROPT(*replace) 
      CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/QOPT/volid>/KJTS701.savf') TOMBR('/qsys.lib/EWM_TMP.lib/KJTS701.file') MBROPT(*replace)
  5. Install the Build System Toolkit and Rational Build Agent by entering these commands:
    Note: If your system is not using English as the primary language, you have to specify value 2924 for the LNG parameter of the RSTLICPGM command.
    When it is restored, these messages display:
    *PGM objects for product 5760EL1 *BASE release V7R0M1 restored.
    *PGM objects for product 5760EL1 option 3 release V7R0M1 restored.
  6. If you do not intend to install other options of the IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) licensed programs, change the QALWOBJRST value back to the value you recorded earlier in step 1.b and delete the installation library using this command: