Configuring the server on IBM i systems

Some installation and configuration tasks are completed automatically when you install the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) licensed program on IBM i.

About this task

In addition to installing the Jazz® Team Server and ELM applications on IBM i, you can run additional commands to configure your installation for you.


Complete the following tasks to configure your server on IBM i:

  1. Install the ELM licensed programs on IBM i.
    For details, see Installing Jazz Team Server and the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management applications on IBM i systems.
    When IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) licensed programs are installed on IBM i, the following tasks are completed automatically:
    • These profiles are created:
      • JAZZADMINS, JAZZDWADMS, JAZZUSERS, JAZZGUESTS and JAZZPJADMS. (You can use these profiles for WebSphere® Application Server user role mapping.)
      • JTSADMIN with password jtsadmpwd. (This user ID and password are used to secure the WebSphere Application Server console and to access the Engineering Workflow Management administrative web user interface.)
      • db2iadmin with password db2iadmpwd (This user ID and password are used to create Jazz Team Server (JTS), Change and Configuration Management (CCM), Quality Management (QM) application, Requirements Management (RM) application, Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), Link Index Provider (LDX), Data Collection Component (DCC), Global Configuration (GC) repository and IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI) databases.)
      • JTSBUILD with password jtsbldpwd. (This user ID and password are used as the Build Forge® Agent JAZZ_USER and is set by default in the Build Forge Agent startup script,
        Note: The user ID JTSBUILD is the recommended user to start your build agents because it has the minimum privileges required for impersonation during builds. Impersonation occurs when users request personal builds and override the build agent authentication.
    • Run repotools to create the JTS, CCM, QM, RM, DCC, GC, and ENI application repository databases.
    • Install library QJTS605 containing the following CL commands for automated Jazz Team Server installation and configuration:
      Creates the server instance in either WebSphere Application Server Liberty (if option 20 is installed) or WebSphere Application Server (if option 20 is not installed), configures the server instance, secures the server instance using IBM i authentication, and starts the Jazz Team Server.
      Starts the already configured Jazz Team Server.
      Stops the Jazz Team Server.
      Deletes the server instance used for the Jazz Team Server.
      Upgrades an existing Jazz Team Server from a previous release.
  2. Run the CL command QJTS605/CFGJAZZSVR to configure and start the Jazz Team Server using Liberty (if option 20 is installed) or WebSphere Application Server (if option 20 is not installed) with IBM i authentication. Press the F4 key to see the parameters and default values, or previously used values, for the command QJTS605/CFGJAZZSVR:
    Configure Jazz Server (CFGJAZZSVR)
    Type choices and press the Enter key.
     PROFILE NAME:  . . . . . . . . .   JTS                     Name        
     *NODE NAME:  . . . . . . . . . .   JTS_NODE                Node        
     HTTPS PORT NUMBER: . . . . . . .   29443                   Name        
     *WAS VERSION:  . . . . . . . . .   V85                     V8,  V85    
     *WAS OPTION:   . . . . . . . . .   BASE                    BASE, Name, 
     *Max Heap Size:  . . . . . . . .   '*'                     *, Size     
     ADMIN USER ID: . . . . . . . . .   JTSADMIN                Name        
     ADMIN PASSWORD:  . . . . . . . .                           Name				
     REPLACE WAS PROFILE: . . . . . .   *NO                     *NO, *YES
     USE A JAZZ AUTH SERVER:  . . . .   *NO                     *NO, *YES
    Note: The lines beginning with an asterisk (*) are only available and displayed when using WebSphere Application Server.
  3. When the Jazz Team Server is running, you can use JTSADMIN/jtsadmpwd to access the Jazz Team Server administrative web user interface at<yourJazzServerPortNumber>/jts/admin where <yourJazzServerPortNumber> is the port number you specify on the command QJTS605/CFGJAZZSVR.