Installing the context-aware search engine on z/OS systems

Before you can use the context-aware search on z/OS® systems, you must install and start the search engine on your operating system. Install the context-aware search engine on z/OS by configuring members of hlq.SBLZSAMP and submitting the JCL.

Before you begin

Before you install the context-aware search engine, see Installing the context-aware search tool for hardware and software requirements.

About this task

Complete the following steps before you start the search engine:


  1. Configure member BLZBPASS in hlq.SBLZSAMP, where hlq is the high-level qualifier you used during the SMP/E installation, using the instructions contained in the sample JCL.
  2. Submit the modified JCL. You can also use this password file in your build scripts. Do not save the modified JCL with any password associated with it. The job must end with a return code of 0.
  3. Configure member BLZWASE in hlq.SBLZSAMP using the instructions contained in the sample JCL.
  4. Submit the modified JCL. The job must continue to run and the following messages must display in the STDOUT output:
    [2010-10-26 15:18:24] [----------------]: Service loop started.
    [2010-10-26 15:18:24] [----------------]: Not logged in to repository - https://uri...
    [2010-10-26 15:18:28] [----------------]: user is logged in to repository - https://uri...
    [2010-10-26 15:18:36] [------Begin-----]: Initialization
    [2010-10-26 15:18:41] [-------End------]: Initialization
    [2010-10-26 15:18:44] [----------------]: Configuration handler is active
    [2010-10-26 15:18:44] [------Begin-----]: Synchronizing configurations with server
    [2010-10-26 15:18:46] [----------------]: Index handler is active
    [2010-10-26 15:18:46] [----------------]: Synchronizing indices with server
    [2010-10-26 15:18:47] [-------End------]: Synchronizing configurations with server
  5. If these messages are not displayed in the STDOUT output, other messages in the STDOUT output should indicate any problems that occurred during the search engine initialization. Additional information is available under dir/sjxLog/exceptions, where dir is the path you specified for the -baseOutputDir parameter in the modified JCL.
  6. To stop the search engine, cancel or delete the job.

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