Installing the Build System Toolkit by using IBM Installation Manager

When you install the Build System Toolkit on the build machines by using IBM® Installation Manager, you can use one of two methods: install from a web installer or install from an Installation Manager repository package.

About this task

For Windows operating systemTo run the application without administrative privileges on a Windows 10 operating system, you must install the application package into a directory that is not virtualized. The Program Files directory on Windows 10 is virtualized. When you install by using Installation Manager, the default installation directory is C:\Program Files\IBM\EWMBuild. To run an application with administrative privileges after it is installed, right-click the package and click Run as administrator. If you use the Launchpad program to install the application, selecting Non-Administrator for user mode will install the application in the user's directory rather than Program Files.


  1. Download either the IBM Engineering Workflow Management web installer for your platform or the Build System Toolkit Installation Manager repository package from
  2. Extract the .zip file to a temporary directory.
  3. Install by using either the web installer or the Installation Manager repository package.
    • To install by using the web installer:
      1. Open the directory that you extracted the .zip file to. Open a command window and change to this directory.
      2. Run the launchpad batch file to open the launchpad. The batch file is launchepad.bat for Windows or for Linux in the root of the extracted file.
        Note: If you want to install the product as a non-root user on UNIX systems or as a non-administrator on Windows systems, from the Select user mode for Installation Manager list, select Non-Administrator. When you select Non-Administrator, the software packages will be installed in the user's directory and the package group will be named My IBM Engineering Workflow Management Buildsystem.
      3. In launchpad's left menu, click Install client tools, and then in the right pane, click IBM Engineering Workflow Management - Build System Toolkit. Installation Manager opens.
      4. Follow the steps in Installation Manager to complete the installation.
    • To install by using the Installation Manager repository package:
      1. Start Installation Manager.

        If you do not have a supported version of Installation Manager, you can obtain it from or download the web installer, which includes the latest version of Installation Manager.

      2. Click File > Preferences, and then select Add Repository.
      3. To specify the repository location, browse to the directory where you downloaded the .zip file and open the repository.config file.
      4. Click OK, and then click Install to start the installation process.
      5. Follow the instructions in Installation Manager to complete the installation.

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