Downloading the installation media

Download the installation media from the appropriate product page on or Passport Advantage.


  1. Go to the downloads section of or Passport Advantage and download the product that you want to use.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive files into a temporary location.
    Note: On the UNIX systems, you can use the jar command to extract the package. But after extracting the files, you must run the following chmod command to ensure that the launchpad program has the correct execution permission:
    chmod -R +x
    Also note that file sizes larger than 2 GB require a special utility to extract compressed file contents on the UNIX systems. Some ELM packages might exceed 2 GB in file size.

What to do next

Follow the instructions in the Interactive installation guide. The interactive installation guide does not apply to applications installed on z/OS®. For z/OS, see Planning to install on z/OS systems.

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