Configuring the location of the help in a distributed environment

For any application deployed on a different server than that where the help web application clmhelp.war is deployed, you must configure the location of the help war in the services.xml file in order for any user assistance to be available from within that application.

Before you begin

You will need the following:
  • The address where the clmhelp.war is deployed, including the port number
  • The ability to edit files on the machine where the application is installed
  • The ability to restart the application on the server.
Note: This procedure does not apply to the Report Builder application because Report Builder does not have a services.xml file.


  1. For each application installed on a separate server than the server where clmhelp.war is deployed, open the services.xml file in a text editor.
    The services.xml file is located in the JazzInstallDir\server\conf\application folder (where application is jts, ccm, qm, rm, relm, dcc, or gc).
  2. Locate this entry:
    <jd:infocenterRoot rdf:resource="%server-URL%/../clmhelp" />
  3. Edit the resource attribute to that of the address of the machine where the clmhelp.war is deployed. Typically, this will be the address for the machine where Jazz® Team Server is deployed:
    <jd:infocenterRoot rdf:resource="protocol://host-name:port/clmhelp" />
    For example,
    <jd:infocenterRoot rdf:resource="" />
  4. Save the files and restart the application servers.