Creating directories for Jazz Team Server and the Engineering Lifecycle Management applications

The Jazz™ Team Server (JTS) and each of the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications installed on z/OS® require several directories in addition to the UNIX System Services directory created by the SMP/E installation.
One of the required directories is a working directory and the other required directories are used to store Jazz Team Server and ELM configuration files. There are sample members for each application in hlq.SBLZSAMP used to create and populate these directories with the required files from the SMP/E installed directory. The following table lists the sample member in hlq.SBLZSAMP associated with the installed application.
Table 1. Sample member names for each application installed on z/OS.
Installed application Sample member
Change and Configuration Management (CCM) - HRCM700 BLZCPCCM
Global Configuration Management - HRGC700 BLZCPGC
Jazz Team Server (JTS) - HRJS700 BLZCPJTS
Link Index Provider - HRLI700 BLZCPLDX
Quality Management (QM) - HRQM700 BLZCPQM
IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI) - HRRE700 BLZCPRE
Requirements Management (RM) - HRRM700 BLZCPRM
WebSphere Liberty Profile - HRWL700 BLZCPWLP

You can run sample JCL members based on the components that you installed and plan to configure.

There are also sample members used for configuring the Build System Toolkit (BLZCPBTK), the Rational® Build Agent (BLZCPBFA), and the Build Manager (BLZCPPVM) on z/OS. For instructions on running those members, see:
The following three symbolic names are used throughout this guide to indicate the following directories:
Table 2. Symbolic names for directories
Symbolic name Use Variable in BLZCP* jobs Default directory
@pathPrefix@ The path prefix specified during the SMP/E installation. BLZHOME  
@confPath@ The Jazz Team Server configuration files directory. BLZCONF /etc/jazz700
@workPath@ The Jazz Team Server working directory. BLZWORK /u/jazz700
You must use unique directory names for @confPath@ and @workPath@ if you want to maintain additional configurations for previous versions.
Space recommendations:
The JTS and ELM directories must have the following allocations:
6000 cylinders 3390, for running the Jazz Team Server and ELM applications on z/OS. This figure might be larger than required if the server is not running on z/OS or if the server is not running all of the ELM applications. Allocate a file system that allows for significant expansion as your installation grows.
300 cylinders 3390
RACF server file access requirements: The BLZCP* jobs will create directories that are owned by the user ID that runs the BLZCP* jobs. In addition, the BLZCP* members contain the @confgrp@ and @workgrp@ variables, which must be set to the SAF groups that contain all of the user IDs that require write access to the configuration and work directories. You must also associate group IDs (GID) with these SAF groups. The Jazz Team Server and ELM application directories require the following RACF® file access permissions so the server can function:
  1. The user ID that runs the WebSphere® Application Server or WebSphere Liberty profile server must have read and write access to @confPath@ and @workPath@.
  2. The user ID that runs the Jazz Team Server repository tools are run must have read and write access to @confPath@ and @workPath@.

The recommended approach to providing access to the working directories and configuration directories is to create a RACF group and assign the IDs to that group that are needed for the functions you plan to use.

In addition to creating and populating these directories, the sample jobs provided also perform several required customizations. The variables mentioned in the Symbolic name table, must be set in several places in each job. In addition there are other variables that might need to be set listed in the following table:
Table 3. Additional variable names
Variable Name Use Default value
BLZBFAH The installation directory of the Rational Build Agent. /usr/lpp/jazz/v7.0.0/buildagent
BLZBFAC The Rational Build agent configuration files directory. /etc/jazz700/ccm
BLZJAVA The location of the Java™ directory. /usr/lpp/java/J8.0_64
BLZHOST The fully qualified host name where the server is running .
iconvLoc The location of the iconv utility. /bin/iconv

The instructions contained in each configuration job will indicate which variables you must configure.

For each JOB, configure the sample member in hlq.SBLZSAMP using the instructions contained in the member. Use the SUBMIT command to submit the modified JCL and check the job log. Return codes of 0 indicate the configuration is correct.

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