Repository tools command to import SCM components

Use the scmImportComponent command to import the contents of an exported source-control management (SCM) component .tar file into a database.


The scmImportComponent command imports the contents of previously exported SCM components from a .tar file onto an existing server.

All data in the previously exported SCM component .tar file is imported together. Components being imported must not previously exist on the server.

  • Imported components are initially owned by the default Admin user and are in an archived state. An administrator must unarchive the component and set the owner to an appropriate process area or contributor before users can access it.
  • Imported files and folders with permissions set to a context that does not exist on the server are reassigned to the Admin user. When you import components onto a new server, the permission context (that is, project area) might not exist.
  • Custom attributes are controlled by the project area that owns the component. Custom attributes of the component that is imported to a new server are retained, but users cannot set new ones unless they are configured appropriately in the project area that owns the component.


In addition to the standard command-line arguments available to the repotools command, the following arguments are available.

Attribute Description Required Default
fromFile Path to the .tar file from which to import data. Yes N/A
logFile Path to the log file. No repotools-application_scmImportComponent.log where application is usually ccm.
ignoreLocks Ignores component locks while performing a component import. Locks might exist if a previous import failed or was interrupted. Do not ignore locks when another component import operation is running. No N/A
ignoreVerificationErrors Ignores post-import verification errors and allows the import to finish despite errors. Yes N/A
rebuildIndices Specify whether to rebuild all, only SCM, or no database indexes. This might affect the performance of a currently running server. Valid values: none, scm, all. No none


For Windows operating system Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-ccm.bat -scmImportComponent fromFile=exportComponents.tar

For Unix operating systems Open a command line and enter this command:

cd /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -scmImportComponent fromFile=./exportComponents.tar

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