Customizing the configuration files for z/OS systems

You must modify several Jazz™ Team Server (JTS) and IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) configuration files for z/OS® based on the directories you selected for @pathPrefix@, @workPath@, and @confPath@. Most of these modifications are performed automatically by the BLZCP* jobs you configured and submitted previously. However, if you need to make additional modifications, these instructions explain how to modify the configuration files.
The Jazz Team Server properties files for z/OS are ASCII files. You can use one of the following techniques to edit ASCII files under z/OS UNIX:
  • Use ISPF option 3.17 to edit ASCII files under z/OS UNIX System Services.
  • If you use IBM Developer for z Systems®, use Remote System Explorer to connect and modify the files.
  • Download or use FTP to transfer the files to a Windows PC, modify them, and transfer them back to the z/OS system.
  • If you have other tools for editing ASCII files under z/OS UNIX System Services, use those tools.

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