Repository tools command to repair incorrect unreferenced versions

Use the repairUnreferencedVersions command to repair versions marked incorrectly as unreferenced.


You can run the repairUnreferencedVersions command in Rational® DOORS® Next Generation and Rational Rhapsody® Design Manager to fix the versions that are marked as unreferenced in local versioning.

Important: You must shut down the server before you run the command.


Attribute Description Required Default Path to the file. No conf/app/ where app is rm or dm.
analyzeOnly Set to true to run the command in analyze mode only without repairing. No false


The following example is for Rational DOORS Next Generation. To use this command for Rational Rhapsody Design Manager, run repotools-dm and replace the rm context root with dm.

For Windows operating system Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-rm.bat -repairUnreferencedVersions\rm\ analyzeOnly=true

For Unix operating systems Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -repairUnreferencedVersions\rm\ analyzeOnly=true

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