Repository tools command for permanently deleting resources

Use the deleteJFSResources command to permanently delete obsolete resources from IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next projects.


Note: This command is not supported in a cluster environment.
The deleteJFSResources command enables the permanent deletion of the archived Jazz Foundation Services resources in context area, storage area, and consumer key. Permanently deleting archived resources can open up database space and improve performance.
Important: This command cannot be used to archive IBM Engineering Workflow Management projects. Use this command only to delete obsolete resources managed by Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next. It is recommended to create a backup of your database before running this command. See this technote that contains information about how to get project IDs to use for the contextURL attribute.

Starting in version 6.0 and later, the command can only be run to delete all resources in a project area, which requires using the force parameter.

Note: If you encounter the AGENT_STACK_SZ exception error when running the -deleteJFSResources command on a Db2® database, you can increase the stack size by running the following command in a Db2 Command Window:
db2 update dbm cfg using agent_stack_sz <value>

The default value on a 64-bit system is 1024 and it can be set as high as 32768.

Important: You must shut down the server before you run the command. The command does not automatically trigger a reindex if the storageAreaURL parameter is not set. Consider performing a reindex if the force parameter is specified and the storageAreaURL parameter is not set.
Attribute Description Required Default
contextURL The URL of the context area for which all archived resources are to be deleted. No *
force Force all resources to be deleted for the specified parameters, archived or not. Yes N/A Path to the file. No conf/rm/
noPrompt When the noPrompt parameter is used, the command does not prompt the administrative user to confirm the deletion. No N/A
logFile Path to the log file. No repotools-rm_deleteJFSResource.log
storageAreaURL The URL of the storage area for which all archived resources are to be deleted. No *
consumerKey The consumer key of the application for which all archived resources are to be deleted. No *


For Windows operating system Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-rm.bat -deleteJFSResources contextURL= force

For Unix operating systems Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server
./ -deleteJFSResources contextURL= force