OMVS segment for ISPF client users

Submit commands to define a RACF OMVS segment or equivalent for each ISPF client user.
A RACF OMVS segment (or something equivalent) that specifies a valid non-zero z/OS UNIX user ID (UID), home directory, and shell command must be defined for each user of theIBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) ISPF client. Their default group also requires an OMVS segment with a group id.
Replace the placeholders #userid, #user-identifier, #group-name, and #group-identifier with actual values in the following sample RACF commands:
  • ALTUSER #userid
    OMVS(UID(#user-identifier) HOME(/u/#userid) PROGRAM(/bin/sh) NOASSIZEMAX)
  • ALTGROUP #group-name OMVS(GID(#group-identifier))
Although it is not recommended, on z/OS 1.13 and lower, you can use the shared OMVS segment defined in the BPX.DEFAULT.USER profile of the FACILITY class to fulfill the OMVS segment requirement for EWM.
Note: BPX.DEFAULT.USER is not planned to be supported beyond z/OS V1R13.
For systems higher than z/OS 1.13, use the BPX.UNIQUE.USER profile instead of BPX.DEFAULT.USER.

In addition, the user ID assigned to the started task for the ISPF daemon must also have a non-zero z/OS UNIX user ID (UID), home directory, and shell command defined.

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