ISPF daemon configuration

The SMP/E installation of the ISPF client daemon provides a configuration file, and shell scripts and sample proclib members to help you configure, start, and stop the ISPF daemon.

The ISPF client daemon components are created as part of the SMP/E installation, and includes the following components:
Shell script to start the daemon
Shell script to stop the daemon
Configuration file containing customizable settings for the ISPF daemon
Sample proclib member in hlq.SBLZSAMP to start the daemon as a started task (sample JCL)
Sample proclib member in hlq.SBLZSAMP to stop the daemon as a started task (sample JCL)
Sample JCL member in hlq.SBLZSAMP to create required security definitions for the daemon (sample JCL)
Unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted job hlq.SBLZSAMP(BLZCPBTK), the,, and ispfdmn.conf files were copied to a configuration directory. By default, the directory is /etc/jazznnn/ccm (where nnn is the version).
Note: The daemon on z/OS needs to be restarted after a server rename. The ISPF daemon should disconnect itself after the server rename.