Names and locations of applications included in this release

Before you begin the deployment and installation of the current release, be sure that you know which applications are included and where the products are to be installed.

The following domain-specific applications are included in this release:

By default, the applications and a Jazz Team Server can be installed in the same web container, such as a single instance of WebSphere® Application Server. They can also be installed into multiple web containers, by which you can distribute the deployment on multiple physical servers. Either way, you must install product license keys into the Jazz Team Server to permit access to the capabilities that the applications provide.

Location of the installed applications

By default, the software is installed into the JazzTeamServer directory. The default installation directory on Windows is C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer, and the default installation directory on Linux and IBM AIX® is /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer.

The Jazz Team Server and each of the applications have their own installation subdirectories nested under JazzTeamServer\server\conf. If you expand this directory, you can find subdirectories for ccm, jts, qm, rm, dcc, gc, ldx, lqe, relm, and rs. However, if you did not install all of the applications, you might not see all of the subdirectories.

These subdirectories contain several configuration files for that particular application, such as:

  • services.xml
  • provision_profiles
  • RS only
  • LQE and LDX only
  • LQE and LDX only

These subdirectories also contain the Derby database for each application, among other things. The qm directory, in particular, also contains test execution adapters, migration utilities, and more.

For specific information about Linux, UNIX, IBM i, or z/OS operating systems, see Planning to install on Linux, UNIX, IBM i, and z/OS systems.

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