Upgrading the ISPF client daemon

The ISPF client for the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) requires the ISPF daemon to be configured with the same version of the ISPF daemon configuration file. For example, if the ISPF client is version 7.0, the ISPF daemon must be configured with the version 7.0 daemon configuration file.

About this task

In this procedure, substitute the instances of BLZISPFD and BLZISPFS with the names of your started tasks.

For the IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) ISPF client to operate properly, the library hlq.SBLZAUTH, which contains the BLZPASTK module, must be made available to ISPF users, usually through the LNKLST definition.

LNKLST data sets are defined in PARMLIB member PROGxx, if your site followed IBM recommendations.

There are a couple of approaches you can use when upgrading to a new version:
  1. Update LNKLST to point to the new version of SBLZAUTH.
  2. Use the STEPLIB DD in individual user's TSO start procedures to point to different version SBLZAUTH libraries. Each version must still be APF authorized.

For more information see Installation information for z/OS system programmers


  1. Shut down the existing ISPF daemon by using the BLZISPFS started task.
  2. In the BLZISPFD and BLZISPFS started tasks, change the BLZISPFSHOME parameter to reflect the home directory where EWM 7.0 is installed. The default directory is /usr/lpp/jazz/v7.0.0.
  3. In the BLZISPFD and BLZISPFS started tasks, change the CNFG parameter to reflect the location of the configuration files. The default location is /etc/jazz700/ccm.
  4. In the version 7.0 ISPF daemon configuration file, ispfdmn.conf, modify the SCM_WORK variable to use the same work directory that the earlier version of the daemon used. Using the same work directory enables the two daemons to share metadata and ensures that the version 7.0 daemon can use repository workspaces that were already loaded by the earlier version of the daemon.
  5. Optional: In the ISPF daemon configuration file, modify the _ISPF_REGISTRY_DIR variable to specify the same directory location of the daemon registry that the earlier version of the daemon used. Using the same directory means that ISPF client users do not have to modify the daemon registry directory in the ISPF client preferences.

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