Verify the Jazz Team Server

After a successful server rename operation, and after you complete the steps in the server rename verification wizard, you perform a final verification of the Jazz™ Team Server and associated common components.

General verifications for server rename in a staging environment

  • A production URL should never surface as a hyperlink in the Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client, the Engineering Workflow Management client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, the web client UI, or the SCM Command Line Interface clients. Also, you should not traverse from the staging environment to an external production system.
  • If you introduced dummy mappings to protect the production environment, you should see broken links to these dummy URLs in the Applications and Friends section of the Application Diagnostics page for any production system outside of the staging environment.
    Note: URLs in plain text, as opposed to navigable hyperlinks, are not mapped.

General Jazz Team Server administration

  • Log in to the Jazz Team Server Administration UI, for example
    • Review the home page and scan for obvious errors.
    • Hover over various links and look at the browser status bar to verify that the URLs show the new mapped URLs.
  • Verify the home menu.
    • Open the home menu at the upper-left portion of the page banner and verify that there are no errors or missing entries.
    • Hover over each menu entry and verify the URLs in the browser status bar.
    • Go to some of the home menu entries and validate the page that you go to.
  • Verify the Administration pages for the Jazz Team Server, Change and Configuration Management (CCM), and Quality Management (QM). For the Jazz Team Server, go to server/jts/admin and click Manage Server. For the applications, go to server/ccm/admin and server/qm/admin.
    • In the Status Summary page, verify the text and URL links for the Public URI of the Jazz Team Server and the floating license client.
    • In the Diagnostics page, if you are renaming a staging environment, you should see errors for the Application and Friends diagnostic, if there are any servers outside the staging environment.
    • In the Registered Applications page (Jazz Team Server only), verify the discovery URLs and application status. For the application status, you should see a green check and a status of Installed.
    • In the Advanced Properties page, search for url, http:, or https://. Ensure that no URLs point to production systems.
    • In the Friends (Outbound) page, verify the root services URI for each friend.
    • In the Whitelist (Outbound) page, verify the whitelist URLs.
  • If you had a web UI theme installed, verify that it still appears correctly.


  • Go to your dashboards and verify that they load successfully, including all widgets that are coming from other servers that were renamed.
  • Verify that the different types of dashboards load properly, including personal dashboards on the Jazz Team Server, mini dashboard, and project and team dashboards in the Change and Configuration Management, Quality Management, and Requirements Management applications.
  • Verify that the drop-down menu for the Home button shows your list of personal dashboards.
  • Verify that widgets with URL preferences show the updated URL if you open settings.
  • Verify News Feed (for external RSS/Atom feeds) and the External Content widget (for embedding other pages).
  • Verify that links in widgets contain updated URLs, bookmarks, HTML, and headlines widgets.
  • (Optional) Add a widget to a project or team dashboard and click Save. Then, refresh the browser and verify that the modification is remembered and loads correctly. (Perform this task after read-only mode is disabled.)

Process and Process Authoring in the web UI

  • Verify all project area links in the Associations section of the Overview tab of any project area editor.
  • Verify all hyper links in the process description under the Process Description tab.
  • If process sharing is used, check in the consuming project area the project area link that provides the shared process.


  • After a server rename, start the ETLs (data collection jobs) by clicking the Run all data warehouse collection jobs for all applications from the Reports Admin page in the Jazz Team Server.
  • Run a few reports under Reports Shared Reports and ensure that they return the expected results.
  • Verify the Reporting Server URL for the Quality Management application and Jazz Team Server.
    1. Type https://host:port/qm/admin or https://host:port/jts/admin.
    2. Click Reports.
    3. Under Configuration, click Custom Reports Connection.
    4. View the Reporting Server URL.

Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA)

  1. Log on to the Lifecycle Project Administration application as a user with JazzAdmins repository permissions. For details, see Accessing the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface.
  2. For existing lifecycle projects, verify that URLs in hyperlinks for artifact containers and their associations use the new server URL.
  3. Click an existing lifecycle project to edit it. Download the Recommended Role Assignments resource and verify that the URLs are as expected.
  4. Verify that templates are listed in the Templates tab.

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