Verifying Report Builder

After you complete the basic server rename for Report Builder and other applications that are registered to the Jazz® Team Server, you must ensure that the data source connections work. Perform this task after read-only mode is disabled.

Important: If your environment includes Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), you must complete the post-rename steps for the LQE server before verifying Report Builder. See the After server rename section in this topic.

After you rename Report Builder server and before you make it available to use, you must manually verify and, if required, update the location URL for each data source.

  1. In Report Builder, on the Data Sources page, click a data source name.
  2. In the Data source location field, update the location URL if the corresponding data source server was renamed. Click Test Connection to verify the location URL and associated password. If the test connection fails, you might have to change the data source password.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat the steps for each data source.

Now Report Builder can connect to the data sources, and you can create and share reports.