Recovering from generateURLMappings errors

This topic describes recovery procedures for errors with the generateURLMappings command.

For any error:

  1. Check the Jazz Team Server logs. Search for log statements containing ServerRenameApplicationInformationService.
  2. If the error is not clear in the log file, type the following URL into your browser:

    You should see XML content that contains information about URLs that are important for a rename. If there was an error contacting a specific application, the XML response should indicate which application was problematic.

  3. View the application's SCR document located at /scr. For example, for the CCM application, search for the following entry:

    If the entry does not exist, this is not a version 4 or later application. An application must be version 4 or later to support server rename. You can perform an upgrade before doing a server rename. For details, see Upgrading IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management. If the entry exists, navigate to the link to verify that it is reachable and that an XML-formatted RDF document is returned.

  4. After you correct the issue and the application is back online, rerun repotools-jts -generateURLMappings.

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