Impact of server rename on the Quality Management (QM) application

The Quality Management application has specific restrictions that are related to server rename.

Command-line and Selenium adapters

After a server rename, update the Quality Management public URL in the adapter configuration file for the QM Command-Line or Selenium adapter. Depending on the adapter version, the configuration file will be named either Config.ini or Config2.ini.

  1. Stop the adapter process.
  2. Open the Config.ini or Config2.ini file in a text editor.
  3. Find the property that is named "rqm.repository" and modify the URL, port, and context to match the information for the renamed server.
  4. Save the Config.ini or Config2.ini file and restart the adapter.

For more information, see Setting up and starting the command line adapter.

Shared Resource Locations for automated test tools

After a server rename, update the shared resource locations that are used for automated test scripts at Manage Project Properties > Shared Resource Locations. For more information, see Making shared test resources available.

Embedded links in text fields

After a server rename, embedded links in plain and rich text fields might require adjustment.

For example, test plans might feature descriptions that contain links in free-form text to another server. If a server is renamed, those links must be updated manually.

Broken links in documents that pre-date server rename

Links in emails, bookmark collections, external web pages, presentations, documents, and so on, that refer to a server will be broken when that server is renamed. Update these resources as is necessary.

Test tool adapter considerations

Reconfigure the IBM® Engineering Test Management test tool adapters to use the new public URI for the Jazz™ Team Server. For details about the adapters, see Rational test tools integration overview. For specific details about configuring the adapter, see the documentation for the product that provides the test execution adapter.

For the IBM Securiey AppScan test adapter, you need to run the IBM Security AppScan Adapter setup and point to the new URL if the server name has changed. For details, see Integrating with AppScan Enterprise.

For defect submission from IBM Security AppScan to Change and Configuration Management, log in to IBM Security AppScan Enterprise and update the Defect Tracking Configuration to point at the new URL.

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