Impact of server rename on the Jazz Team Server

This topic describes the JTS-specific restrictions with server rename and also describes other general issues with server rename.

Updating file

After performing a server rename operation, you might need to change the property in the file.

This property points to the help (clmhelp/index.jsp). If you are using a single server for the Jazz Team Server and applications, the help URI is a relative path and you do not need to update it unless the context root has changed. If you have a distributed deployment, you might need to adjust the help URI after the server rename operation is complete. Go to file for each application and update the value of this property. For details, see Configuring the location of the help in a distributed environment.

Application names remain the same after a server rename operation

The server rename operation does not rename the content of the application name. If an application name contains a URL or context root which has been renamed, you must manually edit the Application name property in the Registered Applications page. For more details on editing the Registered Applications page, see Managing registered applications topic.