Impact of server rename on Report Builder

You might encounter some issues that are related to server rename and Report Builder.

Restarting the server

When you perform a server rename on a single application server, such as WebSphere® Application Server, that includes Jazz® Team Server and Report Builder applications, the rename process should not require the server to be restarted. However, if you are using a distributed topology where Report Builder resides on a different application server, you might need to restart the Report Builder server.

When you perform a server rename where the applications registered with Jazz Team Server reside on multiple application servers, the final steps of the rename process must be performed in a specific order or Report Builder cannot complete its rename process. For details, see Moving a pilot or full production deployment by using server rename or Setting up a test staging environment with production data.

When Report Builder starts for the first time, it gathers the metadata for all of the data sources by sending queries to the data warehouse and to LQE; this process can take a long time. The server must wait until applications like LQE are fully started. If one of the data sources in not available, the request can timeout and the application hangs. Ensure that the Report Builder server rename was successful, and then restart the server. See Verifying URLs and links after a server rename.