Impact of server rename on the Data Collection Component

You might encounter issues that relate to server rename and the Data Collection Component.

Turn off job schedules

Turn off all job schedules to prevent any extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs from running during the server rename operation.

For more information about scheduling data collection jobs, see Collecting data with the Data Collection Component.

URLs in data warehouse aren't getting renamed

Ensure to set the ETL Jobs Enabled property to true on all IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications. Setting this property to false disables all processing related to the data warehouse including server rename, which causes URLs in the data warehouse to not get renamed.

To verify and set the ETL Jobs Enabled property to true for all the ELM applications:
  1. Open a web browser to the Application Administration page of a ELM application:

    The URL is https://<server>:<port>/<application>/admin, where <server> is the fully qualified domain name or localhost, <port> is the port number, and <application> is ccm, am, rm, qm, gc, dcc, dm, or relm.

    For example, in a web browser type: https://localhost:9443/ccm/admin

  2. In the left pane under Configuration, click Advanced Properties.
  3. Go to the Data Warehouse section.
  4. Under the section, find the ETL Jobs Enabled property and select true under the Current Value column.
  5. Repeat these steps for each of the ELM applications listed in the first step and then try the server rename operation again.

Actions to be performed after a server rename

  1. Navigate to Reports > Data Warehouse Connection and stop the old ETL jobs.
  2. Start the Data Warehouse database and ensure it is reachable by all applications during the server rename.
  3. Stop the Data Collection Component application in the Application Server.
  4. In the RIODS.REQUIREMENT table, check and verify if SOURCE_ID =-1.
  5. Perform the following validation tests: