Installing and running the Rational Build Agent on IBM i systems

The build agent executable file has been installed into /QIBM/ProdData/EWM70/Build/jazz/buildsystem/buildagent during the licensed program installation.
Follow these steps to configure an agent:
  1. Edit the /QIBM/ProdData/EWM70/Build/jazz/buildsystem/buildagent/ file.
    • Modify the lines that start with JAZZ_USER= and JAZZ_PASSWORD_FILE= to the user ID and password file location created for the Jazz™ user that will run the builds.
    • Optional: Modify other properties if you want to use a different JVM, for example Java™ 7.
  2. Log on to IBM® i and enter the QSH command.
  3. Navigate to /QIBM/ProdData/EWM70/Build/jazz/buildsystem/buildagent.
  4. Run ./ The default port number in the IBM i script is 6666. For information about changing the port number, see Changing the Rational Build Agent port on IBM i systems.
Tip: When you start the Rational Build Agent with the ./ command, the agent starts in a new job that inherits the same priority as the user. By default, interactive jobs run at a run priority (RUNPTY) of 20. The build agent might use most of the CPU cycles when it is active, causing other interactive jobs run longer. Batch jobs run at a slower run priority RUNPTY of 50.
If Rational Build Agent builds are using most of your CPU cycles, change the run priority of the builds to a slower priority. Issuing the following commands in the i/OS command prompt changes the Rational Build Agent run priority to 50. Before you enter the ./ command, remember to navigate to the folder that contains the command.
exit QSH
If the Rational Build Agent is already running, you can change the run priority for the agent:
  1. Find the job by entering the NETSTAT command.
  2. Identify the port where the agent is running.
  3. Display the job running on that port.
  4. Enter the CHGJOB command for the job, and specify the parameter RUNPTY(50).

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