Custom realms for authentication and group membership

In your application server, you can configure authentication and group membership.

Jazz™ Team Server uses J2EE security roles for authentication, access to protected resources, and authorization for several repository operations. These roles are mapped to users and groups in a realm that is configured in the application server. When the server is configured to use a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) realm, Jazz Team Server can import users from the realm into the repository. Then, Jazz Team Server can display the roles, or groups, that are assigned to each user. For more information, see Enabling LDAP on WebSphere Application Server

For non-LDAP external registry, you can configure your own realm for authentication and group membership in WebSphere Application Server. When you configure your own realm, Jazz Team Server cannot import users or display their roles, but those roles are used for authentication and authorization. For information about creating users and groups in WebSphere Application Server, see Managing users by using a federated, file-based registry.

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