Installing the context-aware search tool

The context-aware search tool helps you find information in your code that is based on free text searches. When you configure the context-aware search tool, you must install, define, and start a context-aware search engine, and then configure your search parameters. The context-aware search engine manages the search index, as defined by your search parameters.
To configure the context-aware search engine, you must install and configure the following components:
  • IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) Eclipse client
  • Jazz™ Team Server.
Note: To configure and run a search engine, you must have a Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms client access license (CAL).

The context-aware search engine requires an IBM Java™ run time environment (JRE) compatible with Java 1.8. Use the JDK included with the EWM Eclipse client for your platform, if available. The JDK is in the jdk subdirectory if you used the IBM Installation Manager to install it, and in the eclipse/jdk subdirectory if you installed the client from a compressed file.

The minimum amount of memory recommended for running the context-aware search engine is 512 MB. Performance improves if you can allocate more memory to its process. To change the memory settings, change the MAX_MEM or -Xmx parameter in the script file for your platform. The default value is 1300M, which allocates a maximum of 1300 MB for the Java heap size. To use more memory, a 64-bit JRE might be necessary.

The amount of required disk-space depends on the number of indexed components and on the number of files in those components. The initial installation requires 140 MB for most platforms. The initial installation requires 150 MB for IBM i.

For a video demonstration of the context-aware search tool, see Context-Aware Search for source code using semantic analysis of related artifacts.

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