Client installation overview

There are four different ways to install the Rational Team Concert™ client.

The Jazz™ Team Server, Rational Team Concert client, Build System Toolkit, ClearCase® Synchronizer, ClearQuest® Connector and other incubator files can be downloaded from To purchase Rational Team Concert, go to, where you can download an installable image or order a DVD.

Choose one of the installation methods:
Note: If Security-Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) is enabled, you must disable it or change the security context of the Java Runtime Environment (JREs) to allow text relocation. For more information, see Installing Rational workbench for CLM with Security-Enhanced Linux.
Note: If you plan to install Rational Team Concert into an existing eclipse based product (sometimes referred to as shell sharing), you should use the Installation Manager install method. The Installation Manager simplifies shell sharing by allowing you choose an existing eclipse instance to install the client into.
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